Elevating Golf Mastery: Zappli’s Pioneering Collaboration with GolfTec

The pursuit of golf excellence finds its perfect partner in practice coupled with insightful feedback. Enter GolfTec, the pinnacle of Australia’s teaching and practice facilities, brought to life through a visionary partnership with Zappli. As a long-standing collaboration that spans multiple projects, our alliance with GolfTec is a testament to our shared vision for innovation and progress in the golfing realm.

Embedded within GolfTec’s core philosophy is the unwavering belief that genuine improvement emerges from focused practice intertwined with informed feedback. This belief catalyzed the creation of GolfTec, an exceptional facility that stands as a beacon of advancement in Australia’s golf landscape. With every swing, GolfTec seamlessly integrates the world-class TrackMan and Flightscope golf simulators, translating each shot into a valuable learning opportunity with comprehensive feedback on swing mechanics.

Our journey with GolfTec celebrates the perfect union of technology and passion. Armed with high-speed cameras and meticulous drawing analysis tools, each swing is not only recorded but also analyzed from multiple angles. This deep-dive analysis transcends the conventional driving range experience, granting golfers a profound understanding of crucial factors like swing path, club face orientation, and angle of attack. These insights, meticulously curated as data points, form the bedrock of a golfer’s journey towards excellence.

However, GolfTec acknowledges that golf is more than mere mechanics; it’s a joyous pursuit. To this end, GolfTec introduces the E6 software on both TrackMan and Flightscope Mevo Plus launch monitors. This addition transforms practice into a delightful exploration, allowing golfers to virtually experience top 100 golf courses from around the world. To further enhance the short game, dynamic chipping and pitching ranges are designed, offering a playful mix of challenges and distances.

GolfTec’s facilities stand as epicenters of golfing innovation. The Melbourne CBD venue proudly boasts 9 golf simulator bays, while the Perth-based Dalkeith facility provides a dedicated coaching bay equipped with cutting-edge video analysis and simulation software.

Beyond these remarkable features, GolfTec’s member section plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and growth. Members gain access to exclusive insights, tips, and personalized progress tracking, further cementing GolfTec’s dedication to holistic golfing development.

GolfTec’s digital landscape, enriched by our collaboration, extends to its main website. This comprehensive online hub seamlessly connects golf enthusiasts to a world of information, services, and a calendar of events that keeps the community engaged and thriving.

At the helm of GolfTec’s success stand the dedicated owners: Damon Rasheed, Dion Kipping, and Sam Letourneau. This trio embodies the spirit of commitment and expertise that defines GolfTec’s approach to golf improvement. Our enduring collaboration with GolfTec showcases the synergy of shared values, innovation, and a resolute commitment to advancing the golfing experience. With each project, we amplify GolfTec’s message, contributing to the evolution of golf mastery and the joy of the sport.

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